1 to 1 Personal Coaching

Dominic Kotarski is a Certified Master Coach  who was personally trained by the world renowned Dr. Suzanne Skiffington. Dominic has been Coaching individuals and groups since he began his career as an entrepreneur nearly 30 years ago. He’s had not only an influence on thousands of individuals through his coaching methods but has been instrumental in helping large European Corporations to implement his coaching culture methods in their organizations to create whole new business development departments.

 “Dominic worked with our partnership team as we transitioned new roles and expanded the company over the course of a year.  His support, insight, and strategic focus was critical to a successful transition for us. Dominic is someone who walks his talk with a character that is grounded in integrity, transparency and positivity. I have no hesitation recommending him personally or professionally. We trusted him completely in his work with our business and found his work with us to be intelligent, straightforward, and compelling.  I think he has  a great deal to offer any organization or business that chooses to engage him.”  Vicki McLeod – Main street communications

1 to 1 Personal Coaching

One to One Behavioral Coaching  is a powerful exercise that has the potential to create breakthroughs both on a personal and professional level depending upon the focus. Many people engage a Professional Coach in order to address and manage tensions between work, family, community, industry and personal needs and demands. Under strict confidentiality a coach will help the coachee develop effective coping mechanisms that will improve their ability to deal with turbulent situations and a stressful environment.

What improvements can you expect with your personal coaching initiative?

  • A renewed ability to overcome business and life challenges by sharing current challenges and issues and re-discovering your inbuilt problem solving genius
  • An ability to see various options and new directions that before seemed unreal and out of reach
  • A new way of viewing your life’s story and creating a brand new reality that can be used as a springboard to create a more robust future
  • An ability to recognize new possibilities that previously didn’t seem to be available

Expectations for the Executive Client

  • An increase in your capacity to manage an organization, including
    • Planning
    • Organizing
    • Staffing
    • leading
    • Controlling
    • Cognitive Complexity
    • Decision making
    • Task Implementation
  • Increase in your flexibility and range of behavior
  • Increase in your psychological and social competencies including:
    • Increase psychological and social awareness
    • Increase in tolerance of ambiguity
    • Increase tolerance and range of emotional responses
    • Increase in ability to develop and maintain effective interpersonal relationships within a diverse workforce
    • increase in ability and knowledge pertaining to motivation, learning, group dynamics, organizational behavior and other components of the psychosocial and organizational domains of human behavior
    • improvements in emotional stability and stress hardiness, as well as, capacity to grow and learn
  • Increase in your ability  to manage self and others in conditions of environmental and organizational turbulence, crisis and conflict
  • Growth in your ability to manage you career and advance professionally

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