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Telus Team

                         Telus Team

Dom Kotarski Founder & Chief Motivator at Sarcio with Telus Corp. Canada Managers and Directors at Loon Lake Leadership Meeting.

“Dom, thanks again for your excellent presentation, once again my team thought you were great.”

Glenn Rivett,  Director Business Assure Operations Telus Corp. Canada


“Dominic is able to translate all his sales knowledge and years of coaching and training experience into a very inspiring, practical and tailor made message that brings results. Together with Dominic and many fundraisers we have as a result raised over 40,000 monthly donors for various charities in a 4 year period. Until today I use many of Dominic’s ideas and concepts in my company and consulting projects.”
Camiel Gielkens – General Manager at Schouten China

“We have used Dominic Kotarski regularly to train and inspire our recruiters. He has an immense reservoir of practical experience and uses it amply in his trainings. The face to face trainings that he did for Outreach Fundraising were all very well founded and very involving. Due to his energetic unique style of presenting he is able to motivate large groups visually. It is clear how much his audiences appreciate his work from the many applause’s he draws while presenting.”Henk Smit

 Henk Smit – Director, Reactie & Response, The Netherlands

“From the first moment I met Dominic, I was impressed by his professional expertise of the sales process and his natural leadership. When you talk about a sales trainer who is an inspirator and motivator, a frontrunner with dogged determination and 100% devoted, Dominic’s name immediately pops up. A unique person in the most positive way who brings in a lot of experience. Dominic is also very reliable and a trustworthy business partner.”

A.M. Bouma –  Business Development Manager Brainnet / Adjunct Director  Flexbrain 

What We Do

Dom Kotarski is the founder and Certified Master Coach at Sarcio Consulting. He has over 30 years extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs start, build and expand their companies. He can help with everything from business development, setting up the right sales, marketing and administration systems to building a website that you can control without giving yourself a major headache.

Dom thrives on helping business owners and entrepreneurs who like to go it alone. He’s exactly the same and that’s how he learned to navigate the topsy turvy life of an entrepreneur. You can read a little more about Dom’s bio on his blog.


Sarcio is a latin word that means to fix or repair. Dominic’s passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners to fix issues and challenges in their companies that are affecting their profitability, growth (if that’s the goal), as well as, focusing on the personal freedoms and life balance that should be a major outcome from running a business.


The Future

It’s Down to You At the end of the day, the business you have, the career you’ve built, and the life you live is all down to you. The decisions and choices you’ve made, commitments you stuck to and the reputation you’ve built are all by your own design. In considering this; perhaps it’s not …


Conventional wisdom states the twin forces of human behavior are pain and pleasure. Most of us seek pleasure and avoid pain. There are of course your outliers who might avoid pleasure and run towards pain. However, in this case, it can easily be said that for these people pain is their pleasure so the statement …


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