Certified Master Coach
Dom Kotarski CMC Certified Master Coach

Dominic Kotarski CMC is a graduate of Behavioral Coaching Institute and an active member of The International Coaching Council  since 2005

“I love helping people to discover new possibilities and discover the power of facing and fixing seemingly impossible challenges.”

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a structured process-driven relationship. It uses validated change models and techniques to help individuals assess their needs, examine their values, understand their motivations, develop competencies and skills, remove blocks, enhance performance and achieve sustainable change.

The purpose of coaching is to produce behavioral change and growth in the coachee for the economic benefit of the client. However, barriers for entry into coaching are nonexistent, with many executive coaches knowing little about business and coaching. The best way to maximize the likelihood of good results is to qualify all the people involved.” -Harvard Business Report.

“No other credential in the world of professional organizational coaching carries the value and industry-recognition of certification by Dr Skiffington. Those who hold it have honed their practitioner skills through rigorous, personalized study and follow-on, mentored/supervised application and mastery of the advanced-level skills in real-time.” -Centre for International Education.

Types of Coaching

1) 1 to 1 Personal Coaching.

One to One Behavioral Coaching  is a powerful exercise that has the potential to create breakthroughs both on a personal and professional level depending upon the focus. Many people engage a Professional Coach in order to address and manage tensions between work, family, community, industry and personal needs and demands. Under strict confidentiality a coach will help the coachee develop effective coping mechanisms that will improve their ability to deal with turbulent situations and a stressful environment. Find out a bit more….

2) Executive Coaching.

The Executive Coach helps develop executives by increasing their self-awareness and building their personal and professional skills to ultimately drive long-term organizational success.  Dominic’s coaching initiatives mainly focus on the executive’s individual strengths and liabilities, developing strategic thinking skills, broadening emotional competencies, expanding coalitions and networks and building on organizational culture.

Sarcio’s coaches specialize in developing the right relationships with your organization in order to deliver our unique coaching interventions.

“Dominic delivered his contribution as an Executive coach for senior sales management. He coached a number of sales managers where he developed an individual coaching plan whereby he combined Personal Development and Professional Sales Management in a unique way.

The best part of working with Dominic is that he becomes a true partner. He is committed to achieve the desired results, and doesn’t shy away from constructive criticism with his clients.

Dominic is only finished when he has achieved the intended coaching result.”

Coco Geluk, Director of Sales, Nuon Marketing & Sales – Netherlands

3) Leadership Coaching.

The Leadership Coach focuses on developing the leadership skills of an organization’s high potential talent (The next generation of Corporate Leaders) Sarcio’s Leadership coaches are experienced at working with every level of an organization. We help build strong, intuitive and capable leaders that are ready to step up as your organization grows.

“Dominic Kotarski without a doubt is one of the most inspiring people I know. He combines excellent management skills on both an operational and strategic level. Dominic is a powerful Leader and a great communicator which allows him the incredible ability to easily motivate people and get business moving. I feel grateful to both know him and have worked with him. He has changed people’s lives for the better all over the world, especially mine, Thanks Dom.”

Troy Mobbs, Founder and President of Cobra Group Indonesia

3) Management Coaching.

The Management Coach assists managers and team leaders develop and refine their management practices and strategies for increased performance, teamwork, leadership effectiveness and financial results.

Dom Kotarski with Telus Directors & Leadership Team

“Dom, thanks again for your excellent Change Management Presentation, once again my team thought you were great,” Glenn Rivett,  Director Business Assure Operations Telus Corp. Canada

4) Business Development Coaching.

The Coach works with the Owner/Manager/Entrepreneur to improve all aspects of growth within their organization.

“Dominic is able to translate all his sales knowledge and years of coaching and training experience into a very inspiring, practical and tailor made message that brings results. Together with Dominic and many fundraisers we have as a result raised over 40,000 monthly donors for various charities in a 4 year period. Until today I use many of Dominic’s ideas and concepts in my company and consulting projects.”

Camiel Gielkens – CEO at Schouten & Nelissen

5) CEO/Directors Coaching

The CEO and/or Directors Coach works with the senior management group in leadership and organizational development issues.

5) Team Coaching.

The Team Coach works with your team to improve their skills and recognize individual talents and how they can be used most effectively in the organization. Wether facilitiating the coaching initiative in a workshop or traditional training presentation modality Sarcio’s coaches are extremely experienced in all  methods and will provide a meaningful and effective coaching and training initiative.

“We have used Dominic Kotarski regularly to train and inspire our recruiters. He has an immense reservoir of practical experience and uses it amply in his trainings. The face to face trainings that he did for Outreach Fundraising were all very well founded and very involving. Due to his energetic unique style of presenting he is able to motivate large groups visually. It is clear how much his audiences appreciate his work from the many applause’s he draws while presenting.”Henk Smit

 Henk Smit – Director, Reactie & Response, The Netherlands

6)Sales Coaching.

The Sales Coach assists new and existing sales professionals to enhance their performance levels, personal skills and client relationship capabilities. Find out a bit more…

“Dominic has in several ways made important and inspiring contribution to the development of the sales department of Nuon Gas & Energy Corporation First, he helped the birthplace of the building and the development of the Nuon direct sales team. Both by sharing his experiences of building sales teams and applying it to our specific situation, as well as, personally delivering the sales training.

Dominic is a seasoned Sales Expert who (has repeatedly proven to us) is an internationally respected personality in this business.

He previously had a massive career building and running his own Sales Organization. This fact gave him excellent credibility for his students. His smooth American sales pitches, training and coaching sessions came across extremely well with the Dutch, also for those who are not as proficient in English. They understood Dominic’s excellent Dutch, so students were also able to express in Dutch.”

Coco Geluk, Director of Sales, Nuon Marketing & Sales – Netherlands

Why does coaching work?

It helps the individual clarify objectives and goals. Coaching assists the coachee to align their values to goals and action plans. We encourage individuals to choose ultimate accountability and offer our support whilst facing new challenges. Our training disciplines ensure to keep the executive focused on their self-responsibility. Our validated techniques reinforce changed behaviors.

What are the tools we use to assess current needs?

Coaching Needs Analysis; Organizational Readiness Checklist; Assessment — Structured Interviews and Profiles for teams and individuals; Surveys.

What techniques accelerate the learning process?

Assessing and matching the individual’s learning style; self-paced learning; assessing values to ensure they are in synchrony with the individual’s and organization’s values and goals; highlights choice and self-responsibility.

For more information about the value of coaching:

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Some Pertinent Quotes:

Harvard Business Review Survey on the question: “Do companies and executives get value from their coaches?” 
Harvard’s recent industry survey found that the popularity and acceptance of leadership coaching continues to rise even in the current tight business environment. The survey concluded that clients keep coming back because “coaching works.” The report also found that: over 48% of companies now use coaching to develop the leadership capabilities of high-potential performers; the median hourly rate of coaching is $500 (from a low of $200 to a high of $3,500) and the typical coaching assignment is from seven to 12 months. -Harvard Business Review Survey

“It’s official. Executive Coaching is now a billion dollar market – and it’s here to stay”! 

“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The ill-trained will find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists,” warns futurist Eric Hoffer. Today, to stay competitive you need to think of learning as a lifelong pursuit, an enriching experience that will always be part of your life. 21st Century Coaching was born out of the need to obtain sustainable learning acquisition and behavior change. ”

Explosive Growth in Coaching Leaders:
Dr. Brian Underhill in a major research study found that coaching now reaches into the highest levels e.g.: 43% of CEOs and 71% of the senior executive team reported that they had worked with a coach. While 63% of contacted organizations say they plan to increase their use of coaching over the next five years. Most telling is that 92% of leaders being coached say they plan to use a coach again. Both indicators provide a strong endorsement of coaching; the first by the organizations paying the bills, and the second by the leaders who are actually receiving coaching.” –Fast Company.Com

For a Pro Bono 1 hour initial consultation to see if we’re the right fit for you or your company Contact us 

We have a diverse network that spans the globe so I’m sure if we’re not the right fit then we can recommend someone who just might be.