The Journey Never Ends

What the future holds is not nearly as important as how you’re dealing with your current situation. When you spend too much of your mental energy on trying to control a future outcome you end up missing the important markers in the present moment.

Time is on your side if you allow it to expand in the present moment. Your intuition will sharpen if you can learn to pay attention to all your senses throughout the day. Your present moment can morph into a form of mental and physical awareness you can learn to command during your normal day to day dealings. Similar to an ongoing meditation which allows you to bring more information into your decision making, into your responses, and ultimately into your unconscious engrained habits of interacting with yourself and others.

When you notice that your breathing is erratic or you’re slumping your shoulders. When you catch yourself daydreaming when you know you shouldn’t be. These are your trigger moments when you must snap out of your unwitting conditioned self and pull your power and personal energy back into your conscious awareness. To become an active director in your life and take back the reins from your passive, shadowy, bystander-self.

“It’s an oxymoron to slow something down in order to speed it up, but It’s how those that have become successful continue to succeed.” – djk

You have won back your right to a life worth living, you have gained respect from your most important friend and ally (YOU!). Your best you, the one that goes for what it wants, that doesn’t just set goals but makes vowed intentions. The one that’s in control of their own destiny and knows that destinies aren’t just handed out at birth but are willed into focus and awareness through life experience, gained wisdom and self-actualization analysis.

If this post speaks to you then you are on the right path. Keep up your excitement and the thrill for your day to day life!  Keep your willingness to learn and embrace all that you notice and then expand that awareness so you can notice… Even More!

This is the only way forward. You know it and this is why you fight every day to live it!

Ode to The Journey and may your journey never end!!

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